NVATU 2017 December Fly of the Month: Red Fox Squirrel Tail

December 2017 Fly Tying Demonstration:
In the continuing fly tying techniques and materials series John Hadley will be tying the Bead Head Red Fox Squirrel Tail with Legs at the December meeting. Tying techniques to be learned:
Using bead heads (optional); Tying on a “Tag”, used on many streamer patterns; Cutting hair off a Red Fox Squirrel skin; Removing body hair/fur from guard hair and tying in a guard hair tail; Mixing squirrel hair/fur with Antron for body and thorax; Tying ribbing over the body using flashabou and/or other materials; Adding rubber legs; provides motion and vibrations to attract the fish; and Tying in soft hackle. See Newsletter for the recipe and additional information. Bring your vice, bobbin, rust color or dark thread, scissors, etc. Materials will be provided. There are several steps in tying this fly so we will probably only have enough time to tie one. I will try to be there at 6:30 pm and we will start tying as soon as two tiers show up.