February Speaker Change: Tim Quinn on Shen River Access

Update: On Thursday, Feb 7, NVATU Member Tim Quinn will describe Fishing Access on the Shenadoah River. His wife, Dr. Akob, will speak on a later date. The delay was a consequence of the shutdown.

Dr. Akob, USGS Research Microbiologist, Highlights February Program
Our members have been asking more questions about the effects oil and gas exploration have been having on the environment and streams. Our speaker for the next chapter meeting in February, Dr. Denise M. Akob, research microbiologist at the US Geological Survey, may be able to provide some answers.

Dr. Akob is a geomicrobiologist whose research focuses on understanding how microorganisms impact their environment and biogeochemical cycles. She investigates both contaminated and pristine environments. Her research focuses primarily on understanding microbial impacts on energy production, either by mitigating contaminants (from hydraulic fracturing or oil spills) or by enhancing microbial natural gas production. She has published numerous papers on uranium bioremediation, microbe-metal interactions, and subsurface biodiversity.

Dr. Akob joined the USGS in 2012 and is a research scientist in the Water Mission Area's Earth System Processes Division Water Cycle Branch. For more information please visit the Reston Microbiology Lab website.